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    Solution · SOLUTION
    Industry application
    • Raw materials and products in petrochemical industry is usually inflammable and explosive, corrosive or toxic characteristics, process piping design safety and rationality directly affects the safety and reliability of petrochemical production, to process piping in petrochemical plant design, has become the key work of the construction and operation of petrochemical enterprises

    • High temperature combustible gas alarm, flammable gas alarm, oven gas concentration alarm is a powerful and stable performance and reliable gas detection equipment, imported sensor built-in sensor, it change the shortcoming of slow response in the past, can be the first time to detect gas concentration, gas concentration and timely transfer to the host when the concentration exceeds a preset value, the alarm value, will be the first time audible alarm, timely inform people take safety measures to protect the personal and property safety.

    • Combustible gas detectors installed in the main hotel air conditioning equipment, gas surrounding gas pipeline valves and flanges, Chinese and western kitchen area, a total of forty-six points, to detect natural gas, because the proportion of natural gas is lighter than air, the detector should be installed in the top of the house.

    • SUOFUFA company was invited by BYD COP., there may be a site of poisonous gas in the electrolyte in the BYD two district,our company do the performance testing device of a leak alarm detection of harmful gases

    • SUOFUD COP. And CNNC establish a cooperative relationship. Accumulated a wealth experience of gas detection and alarm devices in nuclear power, nuclear power plants, especially in the use of production link of uranium conversion .

    • Weisun Union Semiconductor Cop.  need to install 18 Hydrogen  alarm device and  5 oxygen alarm device in the new three floor workshop.

    • Using an infrared sensor or a photoelectric ion sensor, the detection of aviation kerosene, we made a comparison of the two kinds of gas sensor detection characteristics

    • The solution according to the  019 nuclear plant with  uranium conversion production area and the train station automatic control process and drawings, 019 factory to provide detailed process and technical requirements, and long-term accumulation of experience in engineering and preparation.

    • The air cooling unit engineering SCR flue gas denitrification project site of second phase Datang Huayin Jinzhushan Power Plant, SFD-600 "chameleon" series of flammable / toxic gas transmitter was recommended

    • The design, production and transportation of flammable / toxic gas alarm and dust detection systems are all the latest versions of all specifications, standards or material specifications (including all effective supplements or supplements).
     Shenzhen suofuda Electronics Co., Ltd.
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